Salestock UX Recommendation

29 Agustus 2016

Shopping app SaleStock by Soraya is making its mark. It’s currently ranked number 10 shopping app in Indonesia’s Play Store — nose-to-nose with ecommerce incumbents like OLX, Lazada, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak. And I had the privilege to do a UX exercise of their app a few months ago.

The Business Objective of this UX exercise is to improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV can be calculated as:

CLV = (annual profit from the customer x customer lifetime period) \ acquisition cost per customer

So this is what we need to do:

  1. Increase Profit
  2. Increase Customer Lifetime Period
  3. Decrease Acquisition Cost

1. Increasing Profit

Increasing profit means increasing the conversion rate. One way to do this is to make sure there are as little friction as possible during the browsing process.

As mentioned by Asha, with thousand of clothes offered by Sale Stock, it is hard to find clothes that she actually want to buy. Granted, users can actually filter sizes using the search bar, as mentioned by the costumer rep. that answered Asha’s complaint

But this method is clearly not obvious enough for Asha and not for me either. If someone like me who’s been scrutinizing the app for one whole day can’t find it by myself, how can we expect first time user to be able to filter sizes using the search bar?

It’s the same case with color. Users can only filter color using search bar. Oddly this isn’t mentioned by the customer rep to Asha. Color is one of the main consideration for women to buy clothes. There can even be occasions where women want to buy clothes because they have nothing in red.

User Experience of using the search bar

So the design decision to remove the color and size filter and instead use the search bar is hurting the customer.

Besides, the search itself lack one crucial functionality: Search Refinement.

Say if Asha wants to buy a blue skirt, she can’t search for “biru” then refine the search result to include only “Bawahan” in the result . Nor can Asha go to the “Bawahan” category page and search “biru” in that page. The search result still shows other categories . Even if she search for “Rok Biru”, the result still includes dresses instead of skirts only

Recommendation: Better Browsing & Searching Experience

Filter Bar Recommendation

Fit and Color are important considerations to costumers, and they need to be able to find what clothes that they want to buy in Sale Stock app.

My recommendation is to add Size, Color and Material filter for these categories: (Why add Material too? I’ll explain in the later section):

  • Baju Muslim
  • Dress
  • Bawahan
  • Atasan
  • Jumpsuit
  • Couple .

Also add category-specific filters for these categories:

  • Tas
  • Jam Tangan
  • Aksesoris
  • Sepatu
Filter bar also functions as search refinement

The filter should also work for refining search results

Metric of Success: Better Browsing & Searching Experience

The Business Objective of this recommendation is to increase profit.

The Goal is to help the user find what they want to buy.

So, the Metric to measure this recommendation would be:

  • How many items from filter result added to cart
  • How many items from search result added to cart

2. Increasing Customer Retention & Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost

Both of these business objective are the side of the same coins. . Increasing Customer Retention rate means making sure existing customers don’t leave . And one way to decrease the cost of customer acquisition, is to make sure the customers acquired don’t leave . In short: how can we make customers not leave?

Recommendation 1: Advanced Costumer Service In-App Chat

SaleStock costumer reps. recommending customers to use Facebook Massage to contact them with her Order ID

In the Google Play feedback section I noticed that the costumer reps would recommend users to report order-related complaints via Facebook Massage and ask her to remember her Order ID. Why didn’t the customer reps recommend using the in-app chat?

The Chat that SaleStock uses is Zipom, and in Zipom there’s an API to get the email and phone number of the user currently chatting.

Zipom’s API

SaleStock should be able to develop a tool for Customer Service that can fetch all or latest orders from the customer chatting (from the database using their email and phone number)

The customer have already put enough faith on SaleStock to buy something. Any error after their payment is the responsibility of SaleStock. The worst SaleStock can do is to ask her to remember (or copy-paste) their Order ID and put it in Facebook Messenger chat. That’s just rubbing salt on their wound.

Instead SaleStock can make a more delightful chat experience, where the CS can predict which order the customer is referring to. Like magic

Metric of Success 1: Advanced Costumer Service In-App Chat

The Business Objective of this recommendation is to Retain Customer.

The Goal is to make the user feel errors and complaints are easy and fast to resolve.

The Goal is to make the user feel that Soraya cares about them.

The Goal is to make the user feel that Soraya is honest.

So, the Metric would be results from survey at the end of chat and overall Net Promoter Score survey

Recommendation 2: Fitting Tools & Personalisation

As mentioned before, fit/size is very important when buying clothing

A proper fit make big difference

To make sure customer have the greatest satisfaction and does not leave after their first purchase (and come back again), SaleStock should make it easy for customer to find the clothes that fits.

The current “Cek Ukuran Baju Yuk Sis!” section

The current “Cek Ukuran Baju Yuk Sis!” section can help the customer to get their measurement. But the customer still needs to write down their measurement in a piece of paper, then cross reference their measurement with SaleStock’s measurement table. Not to mention, they have to remember their size. So, I recommend SaleStock to have a fitting tool that not only help customer to measure their body, but also save them.

Fitting tools & personalisation recommendation wireframe

By saving the customer’s measurement, SaleStock can personalised the homepage to only show the customer’s measurement as default. For repeat customers, this will streamline their buying experience and erase any doubt that the item they added to cart will fit their measurement

Metric 2: Fitting Tools & Personalisation

The Business Objective of this recommendation is to retain customer.

The Goal is to make it easy for customer to find the clothes that fits.

So, the Metric would be the number of fit-related returns for users that has saved their measurement in the app.

UX Beyond the App

Aside from designing a better User Experience (UX) inside the SaleStock app and website, SaleStock can also design a better experience outside the app and website by making returns painless

Case Study: Amazon

If you have ever had to return a product you have purchased online you know it is not always easy. You have to print a return label, go to the post office and wait days for the funds to appear in your account. On top of which there is always the nagging concern that they won’t refund your money.

In contrast I recently had a different experience returning a purchase. On letting the company know I wanted to return an item they told me** the money would be immediately returned to my account.** No waiting for them to receive the return and check it over.

Next they asked me when I would like the package collected. I didn’t have to pack it, label it or even take it to the post office. Somebody turned up at my door with a box ready to go. I dropped the item in the box and he took it away.

— Paul Boag

Other Concerns

That concludes my UX recommendations for SaleStock. But there’s something that’s been making customers leave, and no amount of UX design work will help them stay. It’s the quality of the items:

Actually, there’s one way UX design can help, remember the material filter earlier on?. Fortunately in the case of Merry, her fans recommend her to try buying other items that’s made of Crepe, Twistcone and Chosibo.

A disappointed customer giving SaleStock a second chance is quite rare, so Merry must be treated with absolute care. But with the current app, Merry can’t filter the items for Crepe/Twistcone/Chosibo only. Sure, she can use the search bar (with it’s shortcomings), but is it the right way to treat someone that’s giving a second chance? of course not.

That’s why I recommend to add a material filter earlier

I don’t work for or am affiliated with SaleStock. I’a a UX Designer trying to learn my trades☺